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What is Forrest Yoga?

Forrest Yoga is a method of yoga designed by Ana Forrest. Designed to get the student out of thinking and into feeling, Forrest yoga will transform your life beyond the mat. FY is based on four pillars, Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.

BREATH: FY will teach you how to use your breath in a way that will move energy through your body. "If you're not breathing, you're dead." -Ana Forrest

STRENGTH: In FY, we hold poses for significantly longer than many other styles of yoga. The idea behind this concept is that we can allow the poses to actually change something in us if we stay there for more than a breath. Each class begins with a focused connection to the core, to center your strength. Classes are intelligently designed to teach the student how to awaken different parts of the body in a safe way.

INTEGRITY: FY gives the student permission to work in a way that feels suitable for their own body. Students are taught to find their edges and play around with working in a struggle free way. I personally understand this concept best with the following, "What part of this can you do?". This simple phrase has made even the most challenging practices seem manageable, in the studio and in the other world. 

SPIRIT: FY allows the student the freedom to work with their own Spirit as a guide, to move in a way that ignites them. Students are encouraged to find their truth and continue to practice authenticity on and off the mat.  

Why should you take a Forrest Yoga Class?

Forrest yoga taught me how to feel things that I didn't even realize I had been missing out on. Before FY, I was like Mrs. Potato Head; I would slap on my smile and fake it until I made it, but I felt completely empty inside. FY gave me permission to feel the gross emotions that needed to come out of me, but in a way that kept me completely supported. It continues to help me clear out any sludge and negative energy from my cell tissue so I can replace it with newer and shinier feelings.

Learning how to breathe in Forrest Yoga has translated to my life so directly, I find myself breathing with Ujjayi in Long Island traffic and Lioning anytime I have rage that I don't know what to do with. FY feels delicious in the body, each class is sequenced to create space in the joints and use strength and flexibility together to find new edges to work with. In FY we also work heavily with hands on adjustments, which often feels like getting a mini massage dispersed throughout the class. 

As I started practicing, I could literally feel myself sparkling up from my toes to my crown. The first time I was "yogastoned" I left the studio and went to Target, only to feel like I was floating around the store. I remember holding onto the shopping cart and looking down at my feet multiple times to make sure that they were actually on the ground because I was convinced that I was at least a few inches off the floor. Forrest Yoga has given me the ability to access that magical state of mind/body awareness anytime I want- in a way that's actually healthy for the body!

Physically, Forrest yoga has changed me as well. I was a full time bartender and caterer, which meant I spent 10 hour shifts on my feet on a regular basis. FY has rid my life of low back pain. Along with that, FY has given me tools to help me manage panic attacks and anxiety! My digestion is better, I sleep better, and all of my awake time is better because of Forrest Yoga. 

If you've further questions about whether or not Forrest Yoga is for you (do you have a body? FY is for you.) please reach out to me with what you've got going on and I'll show you how I can help!